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We have been very busy in the background working on the next steps and future of Bikers4Orcas! We have a ton of exciting things coming our way, and we are looking forward to continue our mission of bringing awareness to Orca captivity worldwide. 2016 will be a “face lift” year for Bikers 4 Orcas, and we will not have a “The Ultimate Ride to Freedom” ride. We need this year to help us re-organize, and unite just like Orca pods do when swimming in the ocean.

For 2017 we want to organize a new "The Ultimate Ride". With each group having it's own date. New organizers are needed. And we ask each biker and supporter to help us creating new groups world wide.


If you are interested in joining us please read the "Join us" page on this website or contact us with any questions.

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