Howard Garrett - Orca Network

"We're excited to see the rise of Bikers 4 Orcas to bring the message
of respect for orcas in and out of captivity across Europe and beyond."

David Kirby - author "Death at SeaWorld"

“Bikers 4 Orcas is one of the most surprising and refreshing developments to come out ofthe growing debate over keeping majestic killer whales in captivity for profit and the amusement of humans. Bikers, perhaps more than anyone, know what freedom means. They have a visceral sense of what it is like to be unfettered while also belong toa close-knit “pod” of like-minded travelers. I urge everyone to support Bikers 4 Orcas and their deeply important cause of bringing this message of freedom to millions of people who might not otherwise receive it.” 


Christopher Porter - / ex orca trainer

"Bikers for Orcas is a true example that collectively, individuals can make a difference. Orcas and Bikers know what it means to travel freely. Taking that freedom away, diminishes the true spirit of the indvidual. Join Bikers for Orcas in making it known that a captive orca finds no solace in the education and awareness it brings to the public."

Samantha Berg - ex orca trainer

"I grew up with motorcycle magazines in my crib. As a toddler, I used to ride around our apartment complex on a battery powered mini-cycle. And some of my earliest memories are of my dad taking me for rides around the block on his bike. If my dad was alive today, I know he’d be riding with Bikers for Orcas. Although I never became a biker myself, I still remember the joy and elation that went along with being on the back of his bike. That feeling of unfettered freedom, which is a birthright for wild orcas, is something that captive orcas will never experience.


Please join me in supporting Bikers For Orcas in their quest to remind the world that highly social, cognitively complex creatures like orcas deserve to be treated with respect."


Ingrid Visser - Orca Research Trust

"I am so touched that people who strive to express their own personal freedoms, by riding bikes, would take up the cause for the voiceless ones who have had freedom taken away from them.  Each and every orca held in captivity is kept in impoverished conditions without even the option to choose when to eat or who to be with.  Help us spread the word.  Start a branch of Bikers 4 Orcas in your own area and go on a ride for FREEDOM."

John Hargrove - ex orca trainer / author

It's my honor to endorse Bikers 4 Orcas. While not a biker myself I have always envisioned a tightly knit family unit of friends who come together as a family to take to the open space to express their freedom while always standing with one another and never being afraid to fight for what's right if necessary. Thank you for joining this fight with us to restore the dignity and freedom to these great animals.