Organizers are the pod leaders of their ride. They make sure everyone knows what is expected and motivates others to join in. They keep contact with our "Main Pod" and get updated on all that is new.
We are always looking for more organizers so if this sounds like something for you, please read the following to see what we want from you and what you can expect from us.


The rules for organizers


* All locations can have 1 up to 3 organizers (no more).
Although it is doable to organize a ride alone, having someone
to help you with promoting, designing and social contacts makes
it easier. Plus it is more fun.


* Each organizing group must have at least 1 biker.
Experience has shown that being a biker makes it easier to have
other bikers join you. A biker can also judge the route on
bad roads and the dangers for the group while planning the ride.


* Each organizing group sets it's own date for "The Ride".

Because not all countries have the same summer/winter time we have
changed the idea of doing all rides on the same day.
This also helps people that couldn't join previous rides due to
other plans.


* The date, time, starting point and end location must be announced to us at least 6 months before the ride.

As soon as we have all of the information the group members will be
announced as Bikers 4 Orcas organizers and get their place on the
"Members" section of our website.


"Rewards" for our organizers


* A Bikers 4 Orcas patch from the ride of that year.
* A shared Main Pod adopted orca certificate.
* A Bikers 4 Orcas digital yearbook.

* Money off on Bikers 4 Orcas merchandise.
* An invite to future planned Bikers 4 Orcas special events.
* A place in the Main Pod for next years ride.
* An honorable mention on our Facebook page.


Planning "The Ride"


1. Find a end location.

As silly as this sounds, it is easier to find a starting point if you know where you want to end the ride. Most groups pick a marine park as their end location but for some this is not an option as they have no marine park near. Another option is an embassy. America, Russia, Argentina, France and several more countries still have orcas in captivity. If an embassy is also not an option for your ride you can also pick a beach or ask other's for advice.


2. Find a starting point.

Not every biker enjoys half a day of riding. Find a starting point around 1 or 2 hours away from your ending point. Try to make a starting point that people from all directions can get to easy. Find a place that is suitable to host a group of bikers and their motorcycles for an hour. A parking lot or boulevard works very well as a gather point.


3. Set date & time.

Plan your ride on a sunny day. Most bikers do not prefer to ride when it is cold or raining. Summertime is great to have a ride! A lot of people work during the week so a Saturday or Sunday is the best day to have your ride on. Set a time to gather around 1 hour before your starting time. This way, people who had traffic problems or are running late because of other reasons have 1 hour extra if they aim for the gathering time. Don't set the time early as some have to travel longer then other to get to the gathering point. Early afternoon is usually a good time.


4. Send your ride plan to us.

When you have everything set we can start promoting your ride and invite you to our "Main Pod" Facebook page. On this page all organizers can discuss and share ideas as well as ask others for help with promoting.


5. Promote your ride.

This is the hardest part of planning a ride and also the most time consuming. You want others to know about your ride and get bikers to join. Here are some tips on how to promote your ride:


* Create a standard email for your local media. Copy, paste and send to every
newspaper, TV channel and radio station that is close to you.

* Create a standard email for biker clubs. Repeat the step above.

* Create a poster (or download from our website), print it and ask local biker shops
if you can put it up somewhere in their shop.

* Social media, what else? Facebook, Twitter and blog about your ride.

* Get other animal activists groups in your area to post about your ride.

* Attend events from other organizations.

* Ask non bikers to come meet you at the end location.


6. Give out updates.

Every now and then send us a message for the people that are joining your ride. Let them know how the planning is going, how exited you are and if you are doing anything special (give out patches, bring food & drinks and such).


7. Ride and enjoy.

All the organizers that have planned "The Ride" before know how nerve wrecking it can be. Will people show up? Will the ride be succesful?
If you ride it is succesful! The first year "The Ride" was planned in Holland only a handful of bikers showed up while more had signed up. They did the ride and when they arrived at their end point they had a group of people cheering and applauding to them. The second year the biker group grew much bigger and the people who cheered for them at their end location had grown in numbers too. Both years were a success, both rides gave the bikers an amazing feeling. Enjoy it!


If you are interested in becoming one of the world wide organizers, please contact us through the contact page on this site.