Deadly Islands:
Killer Whale Island
Runtime: 43:54

Nature Shock:
When Killer Whales Attack
Runtime: 43:52

Natural World:
A killer Whale Called Luna
Runtime: 51:24

I Predator:
Killer Whale
Runtime: 45:00

Natural Geographic:
Great White VS Killer Whale
Runtime: 46:18

Invasion Of The Killer Whales
Runtime: 52:58

Ocean Adventures:
Call Of The Killer Whale
Runtime: 46:50

Ocean Wilds:
Realm Of The Killer Whales
Runtime: 56:19

Pure Nature Specials:
Freediving With Killer Whales
Runtime: 45:15

National Geographic:
Killer Whales Of The Fjord
Runtime: 26:02

Killers In Eden
Runtime: 51:23

The Free Willy Story:
Keiko's Journey Home
Runtime: 52:02

Slave To Entertainment
Runtime: 58:20

A Whale Of A Business
Runtime: 57:16