Bikers 4 Orcas was founded in August of 2013 with the intention of bringing awareness to the people about the cruelty of keeping killer whales in captivity. By using the image of bikers and the sound of motorcycles we try to make the public interested in the cause we ride for.
During our world wide event "The Ultimate Ride To Freedom" we give out information by flyer's and talking to visitors of marine parks.


We also attend other events like "Empty The Tanks", protests at SeaWorld and "Superpod" to support other organizations and keep ourselves informed. Supported by public figures like Dr. Ingrid Visser (marine biologist), David Kirby (author "Death at SeaWorld"), Samantha Berg (ex orca trainer), Christopher Porter (ex orca trainer) and John Hargrove (ex orca trainer), Bikers 4 Orcas has grown into a well known, world wide organization that has people from every corner of the world supporting us.


Join us in our fight against captivity and come meet us at one of the events!